Hindu Ceremony - Start time 10:00am || end time 11:00am

Baraat -

Arrival of the groom to the ceremony accompanied by parents, family and friends.

Gouri Pooja -

Bride is ready by 8:00am - Brides family and Grooms parents as well as priest will be present before the wedding ceremony starts. Once this comes to an end, the curtain will be pulled to separate the bride and groom from seeing one another. This will start before the Baraat, but bride will enter after the Baraat to the ceremony. This starts at 8:00am as the Baraat starts at 9:00am

Swagatam - Welocme of the groom.

Groom accompanied by his parents and family and friends. Greeted by the Bride's father who garlands the groom and the bride's mother offers him sandalwood paste, vermillion powder fragrance and flowers before performing  her welocme to the groom. She will also offer jaggery water to the groom as well as to the grooms family on the front row of the seating area. needs to be in silver tumbler. Once she finishes her welcome, she will return and before entering the mandap, Dr. Scott will offer NAMASTE to the guests, and to Vamsi and the Priest.

Ganesha and Kalasha pooja (purification ceremony) -

purification  ceremony where the priest purifies the mandap for the wedding.

Vara Pooja -

Honoring the Groom - sprinkling of his feet and offering mixture of honey, yogurt and clarified butter (to be made the night before)

Kanya Agamanam - 

The Bride is escorted to the mandap by her closest friends and family ** specific music to be played 

Sumuhurtam (Auspicious time ) & Manglashtakam -

exchanging of the garlands (need to be big and beautiful) between the bride and groom, also sharing of the mixture of jaggery and cumin seeds on each other's heads.

Talambralu - 

Bride and Groom shower each other with talambaraalu, and married ladies place hands on them, Vamsi puts necklace on Meredith. 

Homan (fire worship)-

tying together of the saree and stoll, ritual of fire god. 4 times walk around

Kamma-kadiyam -

pitcher half filled with water and rings, silver and gold, ** Pitcher borrowed from the priest

Saptapadi (seven steps)

1 - 7  Meredith and Vamsi sing their response as they walk, placing their toe on the steps as they wwalk

Mangala Aarti - 

As Bride and Groom leave, closest elders and family will shower them with blessings, 

Arundhati - Dhurura Darsham

Priest shows constellations with relevance to Bride and Groom

social hour - chai tea 11am - 12pm

Himalayas to provide food for the social hour and the lunch

Social Hour to start at 11:00am - to be served in hall area adjacent to the ball room || food to include:

Vegetable pakora

Goni Manchuria

Burfi from India(sweet)

Coffee, tea, soft drinks(we can buy little ones) water, Chai


** Bride and Groom will be located in the atrium where they will sit and greet guests during this time

lunch served - 12:00pm - ball room re-opened 

Himalayas to provide lunch food in adjacent room to the hall, across from the ball room 

Needs: 2 sets of 8ft tables on either side of the room, double sided (see diagram here) as well as table for desserts, double sided. 

Skirvin to provide: chaffing dishes, staff for room set up and clean up, bussers, water and tea fillers during event, as well as hot boxes.

Lunch food to include: 

Cucumber salad , Naan, Tomato rice with peas, Raita, Tindora fry, Palak paneer, Malai kofta, Mango dal, Eggplantmasala(Hyderabadi), Rasam, Papad,  Mango custard, Laddoo, sesame ariselu(from India)-wedding specialities)

Lunch will be open at 12:00pm noon and will be served until 1:30pm

Balaji is the owner at Himalayas his personal contact number is: 405-408-4359

At 1:30pm meredith and vamsi will retire to prepare for next ceremony

  • Transportation for guests will be available from hotel to Farmers Market and also for return at the end of the next event.












Guests will start arriving by 9:15am. Room needs to be ready by 8:00am at the latest.

Everything beautiful will be arriving no later than 6:00am to set up the mandap florals.

Spoke with Priest regarding the ceremony Ceremony to include: 

10:00am Hindu Ceremony Starts.