A Perfect Team

Mr & Mrs. Solis -

There is something about meeting a couple and instantly hitting it off. These two were just so cool from the start! They are full of fun, energy, life, love and smiles! Walking through the planning over about a years time, allowed for creativity to flourish. The gorgeous setting in the tent, rented from Marianne's rentals was beyond expectation and we loved being a part of every minute of it! I especially loved getting to know Adam and Brook. When one of our brides becomes a friend, it's always the best! Adam and Brook are the perfect team. Playing ball together, being active, hiking....they love to be together and do life together! We are so excited to see them do life as a married couple! Congrats you two!!! We love ya!

Vendors List: | Photography: Sheradee Hurst Photography | Videography: Leslee Layton Films |  Planning & Floral: Inspire Events & Design | Cake: Amy Cakes | Venue: Civic Center Music Hall Lawn | Caterer: Interurban | Gown: JJ Kelly Bridal | Mensware: The Wardrobe Modern Mensware | Beauty: MarloHaus | Invitations: Leslie @ Hazel Paper Co. |

Lucy (and) the sky...with diamonds

Let me first day that I know the song is Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, but I figured with these photos of her with that gorgeous sky behind her and the field...ahhhh. Can you say stellar work by Sheradee Hurst!

This Bride was so fun! She was not only gorgeous but she was a doll to be able to work with! We Loved meeting with Lucy, we Loved getting to know her and hear her thoughts on how to create her perfect setting at The Barn in the Woods. And let me tell you, IT.WAS.LOVELY.

From the soft dreamy colors to the gorgeous tabletop, this wedding day was definitely one of our most romantic! The setting under the lights, hanging in the trees, with the tables twirling underneath back and forth....it was lovely! And the day... the day was perfect for an outdoor wedding!

The ceremony under the big tree with the candles hanging from it... it was so whimsical. The guests were seated in a semi circle surrounding the couple with a hint of floral embellishment on the aisle seats... The bride and groom said I do, then it was time to start the reception!

The barn was decked out with incredible furniture from Ruby's Vintage Rentals, the Bride and Groom had their 1st dance then it was off to enjoy The Halls Kitchen Pizza Food Truck! A perfect fit for this glorious day at the barn!

We enjoyed this darling couple and can't wait to see what the future holds for them!



We are in love with this bride, her colors and her amazing wedding day to Mr. Sam Brown! Kristin and her mom came to us and were so excited about this big day! Once I talked to her and heard her vision, I couldn't wait to share with my staff... then WE were all excited for this big day! I mean, succulents, peaches, purples and whites with glimpses of golds.....how can it not be amazing! Plus she had a gorgeous gold sparkle back drop that we got to embellish with flowers too! Ahh, it was so lovely!

We loved creating these unique arrangements for this wedding and LOVED working with Kristin! These photos by Sarah Libby Photography are so lovely we have to share!!

The Boat House

Ya'll.....this bride was amazing to work with! She was super laid back and really was just excited to finally be married. We love that! When the bride and groom just can hardly wait to be married!! It's so fun to watch the energy when they talk about each other. Seeing faces light of and smiles grow....ah, we had a good time with these two!

Samantha found us through friends. When she and I first met, she wanted super simple florals, whites and greens. She had a vision and that was that. We walked through with her the planning of the day, what she wanted and didn't want and the more we talked, the more possibilities became a reality! 

We did a gorgeous garland for their stage, and all of her bridal party florals. This girl was such a beauty in her Alvina Valenta gown from Prescott Bridal. Gaaaaa, isn't she so pretty!

We loved this shot! It truly captures this couple and the excitement they have for life, for marriage and for each other! We wish them the most happiness in their marriage!

A weekend adventure || Abel - Smith Wedding Festivities

This couple was full of life and full of fun! They wanted to go big and they wanted to make it something special that their guests would remember for a lifetime!

Amber and Jesse had just moved to Oklahoma when we first met about a year ago. Being from out of state, they wanted to give their guests a weekend of adventure! It all started with several days of touring locations until we reached The Park House at the Myriad Gardens. Amber fell in love with this modern, clean lined, incredible space and decisions were made!

It was important to start creating a weekend of fun and it all centered around the Park House. Guests were flown in from out of town and hotels were blocked and confirmed. A charter bus was booked to transport the guests to and from the venue.

The rehearsal was so incredible and let me tell you how impressed I am that our bride chose to do her Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding and then Brunch with the Newlyweds, all at the Park House. There was not one meal that was the same, similar or even reminiscent of the other. They really did an amazing job. The service staff and the food were all wonderful and the director at the Park House is also amazing to work with! The Rehearsal was fun, we did it outside at the Park House on their patio! All of the bridesmaids and groomsmen were there. The parents of the bride, parents of the groom (I adored his mother!) were there...all the usual suspects. We walked through our itinerary then off to dinner they were. 

The morning of, our Bride met up with her bridesmaids and Marlo Haus came and did what they do best, hair and make up for the party! (she was so gorgeous!) We set up a very small arbor for this quaint wedding, something simple yet just a hint of glimmer in all of the green gorgeousness offered by the gardens. And this back drop!!! Swoon!

We loved seeing these two get married. All the love they had and their first dance... it was so great! They were so excited to have had taken lessons.... and it showed! They were great!
 The evening went on with a passed heavy hors d' oeuvres, a full buffet meal and of course wedding cake from one of the greats, Mishelle Handy. The food and the cake were delicious and everyone enjoyed it! Dancing took over the night and then it was time for the send off!  Bride and groom headed off and their anticipated return for the brunch the following day was all anyone could think about!

The next morning, guests were greeted with mimosas and champagne and a delightful plated breakfast spread was served. Each and everyone of the attendees enjoyed it. There were lots of laughs, lots of hugs, some happy tears and then they were off! Guests returned to their hotels to gather their luggage and make planes, the bride and groom were heading to celebrate their honeymoon!

All was well and it was superb! I also highly suggest brunch with the newlyweds if you can swing it. It was incredible and we loved planning and providing the floral for every aspect!



Sweet Serenity Anniversary Shoot

It's always amazing to find vendors that are open to the concept of community. And, when you find such vendors, you consider yourself blessed because the Lord has given you such wonderful people to work with.

When Sheradee Hurst asked me to do the floral for this workshop anniversary shoot, I couldn't be more excited. We knew we'd submit to somewhere great and we all knew we wanted to bring it and big time. I started combing through the ideas and just knew immediately that I wanted to create a hanging piece. I hand build the structure and it took about 2 days. My amazing husband actually created a wooden structure for me (then it was way too heavy and is now a table) that was incredible but we needed something fragile. So, I just started to work some magic! Then it was time to start placing the floral. This was so amazing to create! I loved every single minute of it. It's incredible to have something in your mind and start working to create it and when you are done and finally step back and see what you have done, to see it even bigger and better than you could have imagined.....it's one of the things I love most about floral design! Every creation comes to life. It's the same when you have some guidance from our clients and their vision!! I love seeing faces of clients when we deliver! It's overwhelming with joy for us!

It was amazing collaborating with these strong women, who are truly dear friends... and that too is always a bonus! We found the most amazing pieces to use on this gorgeous table. They were all so sophisticated and dainty and we loved that each piece held this very blue themed ("serenity blue" if you will) in such a strong atmosphere, yet oh-so-delicate feel. We chose Water's Edge Winery for the location, simply because it had everything that we wanted. Beyond the very edgy and modern atmosphere, the window is incredible! I mean, how can you beat that?! We were delighted when Marianne's Rentals came on board. I mean, those chairs!!! Seriously gorgeous and we love how it all tied together so perfectly.

Can we just take a minute and talk about this cake. I mean....THIS CAKE! Ugh, I'm still in love with it and those cup cakes. Do you know these flowers on the cake are SUGAR flowers?!? Amy Cullifer is amazing! She is Amazing I say!

We were elated to be Featured on Grey Likes Weddings. This couple is a "real couple". They are married and she is a OKCPD so not only is she gorgeous beyond gorgeous, she can do an amazing amount of push-ups! HA! No, in all seriousness, they were amazing! HER HAIR....oh my gosh it was perfect!!! Andrea Lemonds couldn't have done a better job. I mean those curls...so full of fun and bounce.... oh to be able to do hair like that! And the make up was perfect too! Krystal Engle for Marlo Haus nailed it! It was flawless. You will have to look at the whole link. Krissi Farrimond, wardrobe stylist was on point!

See the link here..... Sweet Serenity


This is why....

Friends! This is why I LOVE WHAT I DO! I don't call it a job because it's much more than that. I love working with the most amazing couples! Getting to work closely with them and actually becoming more like friends! Here's our #flashbackfriday for you! I am excited to share this video from Carpe Diem Video Productions  of Jordan and Phillip's wedding this past December! GORGEOUS couple, Amazing video and I'm sitting here, in my office with tears of joy streaming down my cheeks, because these two are DARLING!!! I love to see them and how lovely they are and were that day! These are two people who allow their love to shine for one another, for God and for what is to come! I amever-so-thankful to have been able to share in their big day! I'm excited to see them grow together, in spirit and in heart! (AND..... I'm excited for any little ones that are to come, down the line!!!) Congrats to you two, again! Wishing you the happiest life!

Winter Wedding at 70 degrees...

It's funny you know, how small the world can seem the older you get. But more than that, how small this town can be.

I received an inquiry from a girl who was excited to get married! She and her mother and I met at a quaint, local coffee house (before I had my office) to discuss her big day! We chatted for about an hour and a half. As the meetings went on, how fun to find out that Jordan (our bride in the story) was the sister of someone that I had worked with previously on a marketing front. Ha!

When I met with Jordan and her Mom, she told me about her beau... how he played baseball, they both loved baseball and how they had known each other nearly their entire lives. I mean, SWOON!!! Does it get better than that? Both families know one another, both families love them both and these families....couldn't wait for these two to join in marriage!

Jordan and Phillip are seriously two of a kind. These two hearts are full of spirit and fun and they both really enjoy each others company! I loved getting to watch these two interact. Full of fun, laughs and truly they make everyone in their presence, comfortable by just being so jovial!

We walked through the planning of every detail, met numerous times and finalized every single moment of the event. The one planning moment that stands out most, however, is the day we did the cake tasting! Jordan and her mother and Phillip and his mother all arrived at the tasting site. There were so many cakes to taste! Each one tried every options. The moms were over the moon for the Caramel Apple cake! So much so that we actually mapped out a plan to make sure they received the first pieces cut the evening of the wedding. Well, as the tasting proceeded, Jordan and Phillip continued to taste, discuss, taste, discuss and Jordan kept kindly asking Phillip what he thought..... Finally as the tasting was winding down, Phillip said with great emphasis that HE liked the Oreo.... Oreo cake, Oreo icing, Oreo's on top and not just any Oreos, Double Stuffed Oreos were requested. Well, the day of the wedding, you can bet Janet outdid herself on both cakes, but the OREOs shined!

Being a winter wedding, in almost every conversation we discussed the probability of snow. Snowy pictures, would the weather be too snowy and icy for guests, would they even get any outside shots at all? The time change and everything getting dark and cold and re-freezing if that were the case... Who would have thought it would be spring like and 70 degrees? Of course, it was perfect for those outside shots by Kristen Edwards! How lucky were we!

Walking into the ceremony, everyone was wrapped in the music, chosen and picked by this couple and completely personalized. Guests were seated then the ceremony started. That moment when the Bride and her Daddy enter.... It gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME! This gorgeous bride and her groom were married at the lovely Dominion House then upstairs to the reception they went!

The Reception

The bride and groom had been working on their dance for weeks and pulled it off completely. Their heir to sophistication whilst spinning and twirling into deep dips of grandeur.... It was Awesome! They were so great!

Dancing the night away, photo booth photos being taken, specialty cranberry champagne drinks all around... the night was a hit! And... the parents even got the coveted Caramel Apple Cake slice! All was well in the wedding day of the Wilsons! The send off was epic! We handed out the glow sticks and then they were off! Through a tunnel of glowing lights to their car when the ever so chivalrous Phillip picked up his bride and carried her to the car! OH, MY, YES! A perfect end to a perfect start of the continuation of their love story!