Such an exciting week this has been! We launched our website and our social media with great turn out! After 12 year+ of event planning, it is exciting to be out on our own!

I first started planning events at a well known country club in Edmond, OK. I worked there for just under 10 years. I got married to my very best friend and when we got the news that a little girl was on the way, well it was time to move on. I left after working there I thought I was done with event planning. Little did I know that it was in my blood! I had several events that followed that I did on my own after and over the next few years there were many more. Wedding for friends of family, wedding for private clients, birthday parties for adults, teens, kids, July 4th celebrations, Proms... oh there were so many! It just never came to an end and I loved doing them and just could never put it down.

After a few years of doing that at "on the side" I went back to work in Oklahoma City. I was a marketing director for an amazing company and then my husband started his business. I continued to do events for clients and helped the accounting side of my husband's business and then our family made a decision that it was time for me to resign my position as a marketing director and step away to come back and be Mom, accountant, so on and so forth.

It's funny how the man upstairs works, you know? I left my position and not but a few weeks later did I get a call to do another wedding! It was in the cards! So long story short, my incredibly supportive husband watched as I worked some ideas on the computer to send and came in and said, "Just Do It, honey! You are incredible at the weddings you create, you are incredible at birthday celebrations and event planning. Event planning to you, is like the back of your hand.... it is your gift! You should just start your company!"

So, I did.

After all the T's are crossed and I's dotted, here we are, Inspire Events & Design, LLC.

I look forward to meeting you and discussing your ideas! I'll keep blogging weekly. Some may be ideas I love, some may be photos, some may be events I am working on but it will be fun, inspired and incredible!

Be Well & Be Inspired!