The McGranahan Barn Visit

Today has been an incredible day.

I was fortunate to be able to schedule a visit at the McGranahan Barn west of Oklahoma City. As I woke this morning and getting ready for the day, I found myself running through my mind about the actual location of this Barn.

As I was on the way, it hit me... this is THE Barn! You see, I had finally realized where this was located. As I have driven many many times out west of the city, I recalled seeing this incredible barn being built over the past several years. In my own mind, I had often wondered what this spectacular  venue would be. I had seen the previous barn and once the rebuild started happening, I was enthralled with excitement in the thought that it might be a location venue for weddings, receptions, events and more!

Well, was I sure blown away on my visit today.

As I come to the turn off of  the main road, I can see the barn and the old homestead to my left. The beautiful, crisp blue sky above, the gravel road that meets the pavement of the expressway and of course the famous Oklahoma red dirt lining the gravel, that leads to the newly rebuilt barn.

As I enter the barn I am greeted with the smell of fine wood and cool. clean air. The young woman, who is the descendent of the McGranahans, ever so politely greets me with wonderful Oklahoma charm and an inviting smile that, perks my interest as I can not wait to hear the history of this incredible place!

I was given the tour and then she shared the amazing story of her family, the old homestead and how her immediate family came to decide to build, or re-build actually, this incredible location full of memories, full of love and full of family. Not only is this place something of a marvel but it's a place that will be the start of new family memories for all that walk into this venue and start their futures here.

I am thankful for today, to be able to spend just a small amount of time with her. I am thankful for this lovely venue...

But most of all, I am thankful that this incredible family has decided to open it's doors to share this with us, for we are the lucky ones who are invited to share in this families history and start ours.