Winter Wedding at 70 degrees...

It's funny you know, how small the world can seem the older you get. But more than that, how small this town can be.

I received an inquiry from a girl who was excited to get married! She and her mother and I met at a quaint, local coffee house (before I had my office) to discuss her big day! We chatted for about an hour and a half. As the meetings went on, how fun to find out that Jordan (our bride in the story) was the sister of someone that I had worked with previously on a marketing front. Ha!

When I met with Jordan and her Mom, she told me about her beau... how he played baseball, they both loved baseball and how they had known each other nearly their entire lives. I mean, SWOON!!! Does it get better than that? Both families know one another, both families love them both and these families....couldn't wait for these two to join in marriage!

Jordan and Phillip are seriously two of a kind. These two hearts are full of spirit and fun and they both really enjoy each others company! I loved getting to watch these two interact. Full of fun, laughs and truly they make everyone in their presence, comfortable by just being so jovial!

We walked through the planning of every detail, met numerous times and finalized every single moment of the event. The one planning moment that stands out most, however, is the day we did the cake tasting! Jordan and her mother and Phillip and his mother all arrived at the tasting site. There were so many cakes to taste! Each one tried every options. The moms were over the moon for the Caramel Apple cake! So much so that we actually mapped out a plan to make sure they received the first pieces cut the evening of the wedding. Well, as the tasting proceeded, Jordan and Phillip continued to taste, discuss, taste, discuss and Jordan kept kindly asking Phillip what he thought..... Finally as the tasting was winding down, Phillip said with great emphasis that HE liked the Oreo.... Oreo cake, Oreo icing, Oreo's on top and not just any Oreos, Double Stuffed Oreos were requested. Well, the day of the wedding, you can bet Janet outdid herself on both cakes, but the OREOs shined!

Being a winter wedding, in almost every conversation we discussed the probability of snow. Snowy pictures, would the weather be too snowy and icy for guests, would they even get any outside shots at all? The time change and everything getting dark and cold and re-freezing if that were the case... Who would have thought it would be spring like and 70 degrees? Of course, it was perfect for those outside shots by Kristen Edwards! How lucky were we!

Walking into the ceremony, everyone was wrapped in the music, chosen and picked by this couple and completely personalized. Guests were seated then the ceremony started. That moment when the Bride and her Daddy enter.... It gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME! This gorgeous bride and her groom were married at the lovely Dominion House then upstairs to the reception they went!

The Reception

The bride and groom had been working on their dance for weeks and pulled it off completely. Their heir to sophistication whilst spinning and twirling into deep dips of grandeur.... It was Awesome! They were so great!

Dancing the night away, photo booth photos being taken, specialty cranberry champagne drinks all around... the night was a hit! And... the parents even got the coveted Caramel Apple Cake slice! All was well in the wedding day of the Wilsons! The send off was epic! We handed out the glow sticks and then they were off! Through a tunnel of glowing lights to their car when the ever so chivalrous Phillip picked up his bride and carried her to the car! OH, MY, YES! A perfect end to a perfect start of the continuation of their love story!