Aaah, yes. The Ides of March

Shakespeare writes to "Beware The Ides of March" in Julius Caesar.

I remember how I loved this story. I was in Junior High (now referred to as middle school, so you know how old I must be) and I LOVED feeling like I "got" Shakespeare. I loved to read Shakespeare and continued to do so through college. However, this isn't about my love for it. Nor is it really about the prophecy of the death of Caesar. Rather it's about this woman that I have loved for my entire life.

This woman showed grace and kindness to everyone that she knew. She was the woman that I sat many a morning with as a child. This woman who showed me love and deep love for she was my Grandmother. Maw Maw was my dearest friend. I loved her so.

From a small town, she had the poise of royalty, the sass of Holly Golightly, in Breakfast at Tiffany's, the Style of Coco Chanel and a heart of gold. I remember being fortunate enough to be able to spend the weekends with her as a child. My parents were that of excellent children, returning home each weekend to help my grandfather at the station, while I, well...I feel like I am the lucky one because I now as an adult, actually got to KNOW my grandparents as the beautiful people they were. 

Aaah, how she taught me to be a lady. I remember she would cook dinner every single Friday night for us as we would arrive after my father would finish work. And every Thursday night she would call me and ask what I wanted for dinner. She well knew that as every other week, my answer would be her spaghetti. Her spaghetti is still the best I ever had. She made sauce from scratch and it would take her all day long. So, she would make dinner for us and we would arrive and the table would be set, ever so perfectly. Don't get me wrong, I got to sit on the little step stool for many years until I finally graduated to a "real chair" and funny enough, that step stool is still in our family and my little girl get to sit in it at holiday dinners.

Anyhow, I remember the smell of her home. Always of beautiful florals. Her napkins would be folded ever just so and she was the perfect guide of how to be a hostess in all of her actions. She would stand and the table would be set and the food out. We would all be at the table and she would stand in the kitchen and ask if there was anything else that she could get for anyone. Of course, as I got older, our little thing became the reply of, "Only You!"

She was just the most amazing woman. My heart wells up and I miss her so!

She taught us (my sister and I) how to be graceful. How to be poised. How to show care and concern for others and to genuinely love. To love other and not just others that were "worth it" but to love everyone. To love even those that may not have a way or those that others don't love. She taught us to be stylish. I still remember her earrings. Her beautifully painted nails, her beauty shop styled hair that she wrapped each night before bed. She taught us to love beauty, to be able to find beauty in simple things and to recognize it in everything.

She taught us to love Jesus.

Her indescribable love for the Lord was shown in everything that she did. I loved to be with her. I mean, I loved to be with her. She and I would read, would crossword, we would go to "town" and run into friends and she would toss her head back and laugh and share her delightful personality with them. She would rock me in her little swivel rounded chair and I loved that!

Her strength and support for her family were never-ending. She was a wonderful mother to my father and his siblings. She LOVED her children. She was always so proud of them. Though she was never one to over-brag and be a bother. She kept the books for my Grandfather, my Paw Paw and it's funny now that I do that for my husband too. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined I would have lived out that life similarity to her.

I do however believe that the etiquette I have learned stemmed from her. She taught me to put my napkins in my lap. How to set a proper table, how to be a welcoming hostess, to smile and have grace at all events and to share a smile. There were so many lessons I learned growing up from her, I am barely scratching the surface. However, it's often I remember how Blessed I am to have those memories. To have had that relationship and to be in this amazing wedding industry, where I can share the treasures I gained from being near to her, with others.  

My heart is full of love, full of happiness and full of sadness all at the same time. The Ides of March 2015 marks 20 years since she passed on to Heaven. I am thankful for her daily and hope to share a little bit of her with my daughter. For she was a woman of courage and a woman of love. She was my Maw Maw and she was most importantly, my hearts happy place for a very, very long while. And... I know, she loved me too.

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