National Marriage Proposal Day ~ A Beautiful Love Story

Proposals happen every day. Every day of the year, all over the world, to people we know and those we don't. Though each of them are incredible stories, that as Grandparents we tell our littles, there are some so romantic, that you can't help but share, remember, embellish and completely adore. This is one of those. May you enjoy ever minute of your reading for we believe in Fairy tales, we believe in Happily Ever After and we believe in One True Loves. And why, you ask, do we believe these things? Because we have seen it with our very own eyes and we continue to see it in the beauty each day brings. Enjoy.

There is this woman. A woman with the biggest heart, with the bravest soul, the most lovely being I have ever known. She was a young, fresh-out-of-college girl, embarking upon her 1st "real" job, took a vacation and visited some friends out of state. While she was there, she was re-introduced to a man and soon, what was at first just a little more than an acquaintance, became a full on love story.

The two grew the relationship from the very start and though it was over Skype, the heart of these two instantly combined to one. You see, this man, well... he was one of our nation's Heroes. He was an Air Force Captain, stationed in England. This Fighter Pilot, Tennessee Grad. had won her heart.

Moving the story along, they end up dating for many many months, when Captain Hines decided that he will come back to the states and visit friends and family and as perfect and seemingly so, invites this woman to meet him and join him in fellowship with their friends. It's a date! From this moment, I can imagine where his heart is... you see...this isn't just going to be any other trip where he might be able to see his girlfriend, his friends and family. This is THE trip.... and she has no idea!

In the meantime, she has gathered her prettiest attire in her closet. Packed her wardrobe for adventure. I mean, who really gets to meet the love of their life at the airport after he has been stationed over seas for many, many months? This is like a WWII love story unfolding in the middle of modern times. The excitement, the love that she can feel welling up in her from her tows to her heart when she imagines him taking her in his arms... does it ever get better than this?

Captain Hines is waiting at Hatsfield-Jackson International Airport as Jade's plane arrives. The flight attendants usher everyone off the plane and Jade goes to the baggage claim. As she is there, Captain Hines waits at the top of the escalator for her. Waiting and waiting, patiently but with nervous excitement deep in his body, he looks over his shoulder to their friends hiding in the corner behind marquees. The friends are there, excited, cheering him on silently with smiles of approval and anticipation. There with cameras and video, they too anxiously await the arrival of this woman.

At this point there is a stir of enthusiasm by the crowd. Everyone who has been watching this scene, realizes something is about to happen. Here is this man, a heroic man in uniform, pacing back and forth waiting on the love of his life with rose in hand. People start gathering round in an encompassing arrangement, all completely involuntary. A reporter stops and takes note, a woman with her two college aged daughters sees this as moment to show her daughters that a good man is worth waiting for and that fairy tales do come true in all shapes and fashions, and they stop to watch. Soon couples gather and there is quite a crowd. However, in an airport, isn't there always a crowd?

He calls her to check in and see. One of the on-lookers whispers..."We're all waiting for you," which is exactly what everyone is thinking. She is on her way!  Finally, 2 hours late...plane delays, and such, here she comes.

Captain Hines is waiting at the top of her escalator. She is halfway up and still doesn't see him. Then, there she is. He sees her long, beautiful brunette hair pop up as the escalator reaches the top. Her eyes are focused on him, noticing no other around. The crowd that has formed is vying with apprehension.

She steps off the escalator and Captain Hines hands her the flower and then drops to one knee. (Oh, my your heart just full of love right now as you read this? Can you imagine that very moment?) There from his pocket, he pulls out the box, opens it up and asks for her hand in marriage. As he is asking, Jade knows this man, this man here... is the one she has been dreaming of. She covers her face with her hands and pulls her hair our of her eyes....

She accepts and the crowd cheers. It is then that she sees their friends. They all gather in joy around the couple and celebrate. Onlookers congratulate and at they both realize that this is a moment in time to just breathe and take in.

The two are living happily ever after. They have a sweet little man in their lives now. And as for the rest of us... Well, they are family so we get to watch this love story bloom in each season.

Happy National Marriage Proposal Day. May you be fortunate enough to experience or watch something so great in your lifetime. For True Love is an amazing thing.

Be Inspired ~