This Life.....

Hello friends, has been a super busy and I am eternally thankful for everything that has transpired! These past few days, weeks and months have been a complete whirlwind. We have met with so many new Brides and we are thrilled to get to know each and every one of you! 

While we are in the midst of all of the meetings and planning and discussions and more, we wanted to post and share that we are still here and have not forgotten as it has been several weeks since we last blogged.

BUT we try very hard to make sure the content is something of value for our readers and really try not to bore. That being the case we wanted to share this blog that we call, 'This Life.'

This life is worth the risk, as we take on all of the abstract and creative souls that we are fortunate to have come across our paths. The romantics, the vintage lovers, the rock-stars and the matronly flowers. To have finally stepped beyond the drawn line that society tells us to stay behind and jumping off the cliff of adventure to create this newly revived love in the very depth of our core. Having grasp the reins of the running bull that takes us off to a distant memory of the moments that we were to shine and allowing that capability to re-live and re-access that creative bone in our body. That one that allows us to go beyond the norm, to reach out beyond the border and become an all around creative, again. This is what we LIVE for. This is what makes us thrive. Being a part of such an intellectually creative community has opened that soul window even bigger than it could have imagined.

This Life is amazing. This Life is worth it. This Life is dreamy.

From the very moment we share with the newly engaged couple to the moment they say I Do, and every moment in between... and every moment that follows. Each a new in it's own. Each a breath of life. Each an incredible memory, created.

Sharing this with our loved ones, showing our daughters and sons how to shine, giving them a role-model of strength, vision and creative success is an opportunity we wouldn't trade for the world.

YOU are what makes our cogs turn. YOU are what drives us to be more creative than the day before. YOU are the reason that we daydream of unheard of ideas. YOU make us, "Be Great!"

From our very deepest part of our hearts, we say Thank you.

Thank you for keeping it fresh in our daily lives that This Life is the life we were created for.

Be Inspired ~ Be Married