My date with this younger man....

Well, it's official, I am the Mom of a pre-teen young man.

So, I had this moment yesterday as my almost pre-teen son and I were driving and I shouted I Love You! My oldest son and I ended up spending the entire day together alone yesterday as it turns out that my younger two ended up being occupied. He and I went to look at a prop I'm having built for an event and as we were driving, I let go of the control that a Mother has and said, "Hey bud, you can be the DJ." Well, I obviously knew that this meant that Kidz Bop Radio that generally rules the radio (or KLove) wasn't going to be the choice of the day. He grabbed my phone and searched through my Pandora channels and looked at me with astonishment and said, "WOW,  you have a LOT of stations here," He started filtering through some of them and I guess really liked what he heard.

As we continued down the road, he loaded some Green Day and we totally rocked out! We had that moment, you know the one, when your windows are down, you and everyone else in the car are singing as loud as you can, with the radio up. We shared our music loves and I told him some old stories of "the music I used to like" and he was in shock. Ha! He said something along the lines of, "I never would have imagined you would have this on your list", and on it went. He was in amazement that I still knew the words to all of the songs he was loving and I was in amazement that he has such good taste in music!

We made it to the prop place and it was totally cool! He loved getting to see everything that we were working on and kind of gained a love for what I do. After, we chatted about things we could have build for our Halloween Party if we wanted, and then we got in the car, jammed out again and that's when I shouted out, "I Love You!" Now, we say this all the time in our home, but not like this. This visceral moment of sheer enjoyment of being together, with friends, family or someone that is just completely captured in the moment with you!

He and I had a moment, and it may be totally small, BUT it was a moment. A moment that took me back to those crazy days of being a kid, of sharing what made me, well, me with my son and growing closer together in that moment.

We went to kill some time and as I am aware, we found a cheese cake (his favorite), grabbed a coffee and a smoothie and shared said cheese cake. It was a short moment, but it seemed to last forever. We walked around the book store and he rambled off some, lots actually, of information, about this card game that I still have no idea about, about the symbols of the cards, how they all enter mingle and so on. We walked around and shared our love for certain authors, looked at vinyl records when he realized there was an "A & B" Side and you actually had to flip the record over, how shocking!!! I introduced him to several books that showed different art and we looked at legos.

All in all, it was a great day. This isn't to say that I don't know my son or I don't share with him often, but yesterday was different. It was truly just He and I, and we had the whole day! It was a blast. We both loved it and I know that because I got a hug and a kiss on the cheek from this one, which if you have ever had a 12 year old young man in your home, it can sometimes be rare. I am blessed however, because it seems more and more often that this happens.

We are raising a very amazing young man. This kid (and I say that loosely) is one who is still kind and gentle, who is thoughtful in his actions and who love the Lord. He is a wonderful young man and I'll take a one on one date with him every chance I can get.

Be well, ~ Be Inspired!