45 days til they say, "I Do"....and we can't wait!!

WOW! I am swooning over this lovely couple and can not wait until they tie the knot!  I love that they are so darn adorable! When I first met Veronica, she was so exquisite when she walked in with her darling mother to meet. I especially loved that she had on an incredible green shirt and I, what my father calls, the "Master's" jacket. (For your non-golf lovers, my green jacket).

We sat and talked and her mother told amazing stories about when Veronica was a child and her love for Tiramisu, and how the moment they walked at the little coffee shop, she (Mommy) spotted the Tiramisu that was in the dessert case. We talked about all the ideas that Veronica had and how incredible this wedding and reception would be but little did any of us know what this event would grow into! And, her sweet little Momma surprised all 3 of us after the meeting as she purchased a piece of that Tiramisu for each of us to take home. AND, it was Delish!

As Veronica and I have met numerous times now, each time I find that I am always excited for our next meeting as it nears, because the ideas are off the chart! This amazing couple has just taken this moment and is making it TRULY their own! Seriously, they are such a joy to work with.

Every detail is perfectly personalized to the time they have spent together with something special to remind and share that memory with their friends and family. From a roller skate night after the rehearsal to the get away car decor... Total and complete adoration for their wedding day. This event will be one of the most fun-filled, good-time, entertaining, events for their guests and we are so excited to be a part of it!

Just 45 days away. (counting down until the day!)

Be Inspired ~ Be Married!