The Road to Osz

I can not get over how amazing this table turned out! But wait, wait, wait... I can't jump through the entire story and not tell you how it began! This Bride found us and was planning her wedding  here in Oklahoma, from California! You see, she and her fiance are nurses and they lived in California and work. They are hired to fill in the shifts and they sometimes work 10 days on and 4 days off! I know many of my friends here are nurses and I know how crazy schedules can be. However, during all their crazy scheduling they met while working in California and that is where it all started.

She is from Oklahoma and he is from Alabama. She called us and wanted to talk weddings. We chatted on the phone numerous times, she sent me her "inspiration" boards and we started planning this wedding that was held here this last weekend, completely over the phone and via email!

It was such an exciting time when only a week ago, I finally got to meet this amazing Bride and Groom. I am talking, serious, old school, deep deep love ya'll! The moment you see these two in love it's like you are stuck on a maple tree it's so sweet! They are that couple, you know the ones that are completely darling and gorgeous, yep that's them! AND, to make it all complete - they are completely in love and it just radiates from their very beings when they speak about the other or look at each other or have a phone conversation with the other... I mean it makes them glow they are so in love!!!

We had the very best week getting to share the moments with this couple, getting to see the admiration they share for the other in person and not just imagine it from what we would get on the phone. They are just a delightful couple and we could not have been happier to have been able to share in their very amazing wedding day!

We had this table made and it was a show stopper! Gorgeous setting for their cake and cupcakes and also incorporated their sweetheart table here as well. Our staff was incredible as well with helping prep their favors for their guests, we did custom signage for them as well as signature name tags for their tables. From every last detail of wooden table numbers (hand cut by my amazing husband) to the floral centerpieces, bridal bouquet, boutonnieres and floral crowns for the bridesmaids and draping the arbor and custom candle lit wooden backdrop - we loved getting to be a part of this extraordinary wedding and reception!

We had this special little handkerchief made for her "something blue" and her charming shoes were also mirrored in her colors (peach) for her bridesmaids along with customized hangers as well for their bridesmaids dresses. The men wore grey suites (colors: peach & pewter) and they were dashing as ever! And her dress! Her dress was stunning with all the delicate sparkle and lace to give it just the right element of design.

Their food was so fun as they incorporated both Asian cuisine and Southern favorites in a really cute way! They had a buffet selection with offerings from each and the guests LOVED it!

The Ceremony:

The bride and groom had their wedding party enter then they sent their tiny puppy, pulled in a wagon by a gorgeous little girl with a sign that said, "Here comes the LOVE of your life!" The dog was fully styled in his grey tux and peach bow tie to coordinate perfectly! Along the aisle path, we delicately placed words he used, when he purposed to her | Trust - Strength - Communication - Creativity - Loyalty - Patience | for the Bride and Groom to incorporate that very special moment into their ceremony!

The night was an amazing night that everyone seemed to enjoy. Our favorite moments are hard to find as we loved each and every aspect of the night but the very moment when we opened the doors for the Bride to be revealed to her waiting fiance, the bridal party and guests...with her father waiting across the bridge for her to have her grand entrance from the doors atop the stairs.... Seeing both her father gazing with loving eyes and her husband-to-be also looking lovingly at this beautiful soul... OH MY GOSH, talk about tears! So glad we had tissues!

We can't wait to share more pics! These are just the ones we took but also the video!! Oh, we can't wait!!! Keep watch, you won't want to miss their incredible entrance!

The evening was incredible and we are so glad we got to share in this very amazing day for this bride and groom!

Be Inspired ~ Be Married!