Sweet Serenity Anniversary Shoot

It's always amazing to find vendors that are open to the concept of community. And, when you find such vendors, you consider yourself blessed because the Lord has given you such wonderful people to work with.

When Sheradee Hurst asked me to do the floral for this workshop anniversary shoot, I couldn't be more excited. We knew we'd submit to somewhere great and we all knew we wanted to bring it and big time. I started combing through the ideas and just knew immediately that I wanted to create a hanging piece. I hand build the structure and it took about 2 days. My amazing husband actually created a wooden structure for me (then it was way too heavy and is now a table) that was incredible but we needed something fragile. So, I just started to work some magic! Then it was time to start placing the floral. This was so amazing to create! I loved every single minute of it. It's incredible to have something in your mind and start working to create it and when you are done and finally step back and see what you have done, to see it even bigger and better than you could have imagined.....it's one of the things I love most about floral design! Every creation comes to life. It's the same when you have some guidance from our clients and their vision!! I love seeing faces of clients when we deliver! It's overwhelming with joy for us!

It was amazing collaborating with these strong women, who are truly dear friends... and that too is always a bonus! We found the most amazing pieces to use on this gorgeous table. They were all so sophisticated and dainty and we loved that each piece held this very blue themed ("serenity blue" if you will) in such a strong atmosphere, yet oh-so-delicate feel. We chose Water's Edge Winery for the location, simply because it had everything that we wanted. Beyond the very edgy and modern atmosphere, the window is incredible! I mean, how can you beat that?! We were delighted when Marianne's Rentals came on board. I mean, those chairs!!! Seriously gorgeous and we love how it all tied together so perfectly.

Can we just take a minute and talk about this cake. I mean....THIS CAKE! Ugh, I'm still in love with it and those cup cakes. Do you know these flowers on the cake are SUGAR flowers?!? Amy Cullifer is amazing! She is Amazing I say!

We were elated to be Featured on Grey Likes Weddings. This couple is a "real couple". They are married and she is a OKCPD so not only is she gorgeous beyond gorgeous, she can do an amazing amount of push-ups! HA! No, in all seriousness, they were amazing! HER HAIR....oh my gosh it was perfect!!! Andrea Lemonds couldn't have done a better job. I mean those curls...so full of fun and bounce.... oh to be able to do hair like that! And the make up was perfect too! Krystal Engle for Marlo Haus nailed it! It was flawless. You will have to look at the whole link. Krissi Farrimond, wardrobe stylist was on point!

See the link here..... Sweet Serenity