Lucy (and) the sky...with diamonds

Let me first day that I know the song is Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, but I figured with these photos of her with that gorgeous sky behind her and the field...ahhhh. Can you say stellar work by Sheradee Hurst!

This Bride was so fun! She was not only gorgeous but she was a doll to be able to work with! We Loved meeting with Lucy, we Loved getting to know her and hear her thoughts on how to create her perfect setting at The Barn in the Woods. And let me tell you, IT.WAS.LOVELY.

From the soft dreamy colors to the gorgeous tabletop, this wedding day was definitely one of our most romantic! The setting under the lights, hanging in the trees, with the tables twirling underneath back and was lovely! And the day... the day was perfect for an outdoor wedding!

The ceremony under the big tree with the candles hanging from it... it was so whimsical. The guests were seated in a semi circle surrounding the couple with a hint of floral embellishment on the aisle seats... The bride and groom said I do, then it was time to start the reception!

The barn was decked out with incredible furniture from Ruby's Vintage Rentals, the Bride and Groom had their 1st dance then it was off to enjoy The Halls Kitchen Pizza Food Truck! A perfect fit for this glorious day at the barn!

We enjoyed this darling couple and can't wait to see what the future holds for them!